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The WATER POLO LEGACY FUND will support the development of players along the LTAD pathway with a concentrated focus on sport initiation and performance pathway.

The success we achieve with this project will in turn provide increased participation at all levels. The proceeds from this project will be used to support the development of athletes within the water polo for life framework including regional development, school programming, training camps, competition costs, travel to National Championships, inter-provincial events, scholarships and equipment.

Manitoba Water Polo Association partnerships and programs help increase participation, engage communities and develop strong water polo players in Manitoba. These activities will help drive water polo at a national level. This project will allow our competitive teams (athletes) the opportunity to better compete provincially, regionally and nationally.

Manitoba Water Polo - developing leaders and striving for excellence in and out of the pool.

Manitoba Water Polo Association - Legacy Fund

This is a permanent endowment fund established by Manitoba Water Polo Association Inc. Gifts to this fund are pooled and invested to benefit water polo in perpetuity. The income generated by this fund is distributed to Manitoba Water Polo Association Inc. to be used as grants to programs and members.

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