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Development Fund

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Project Description

The Water Polo Manitoba Development fund will support the development of players along the LTAD pathway with a concentrated focus on sport initiation and performance pathway.


Our goal is to engage players at a young age (10U) and promote the fun and safety of water polo. The success we achieve with this goal will in turn provide increased participation at the 12U, 14U, 16U and 19U levels.


The proceeds from this project will be used to support the development of athletes and coaches within the water polo for life framework including regional development, school programming, training camps, competition costs, travel to National Championships, inter-provincial events and equipment.

The culmination of this project will be the hosting of a Water Polo Canada Western National Championship League Finals.

Manitoba Water Polo Association partnerships and programs help increase participation, engage communities, and develop strong water polo players in Manitoba. These activities will help drive water polo at a national level.


This project will allow our competitive teams (athletes) the opportunity to better compete provincially, regionally, and nationally.


The introduction of this project will allow us to expand existing programming to include a larger pool of athletes and provide sport specific enhancements (skills, coaching, mentorship) to ensure increased participation (short term goal) and top 3 results (long term goal).


We will also introduce younger athletes (8U-10U) to portions of the program (specifically sport development camps) as part of our long-term goal to increase sport participation numbers to help grow our youth participation numbers: year 1 - 10%, year 2 – 15% and year 3 - 20% year.

Any donations made to this Fund cannot be applied to one individual but will be applied to the general project as described above.


Submitted donations will be reviewed by the MWPA Board of Directors to ensure no direct bias towards program participants.

What is the NSTF?

Introduction to the National Sport Trust Fund


The National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) is a program of the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations (CCP&TSF) which permits sport organizations from across Canada to raise funds for specific causes that will promote the development of amateur sport on a national level.


The CCP&TSF is a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association (RCAAA) with the Canada Revenue Agency.  The mission of the CCP&TSF is to provide means for Canada’s Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations to network, enhance their effectiveness and manage the NSTF.


As a RCAAA, the CCP&TSF are able to issue an official tax receipt to all qualifying donations of $50 or greater that contribute to deserving, approved projects.   Sport Manitoba is the Fund Manager in Manitoba.


In order to participate in the NSTF, sport organizations must adhere to specific guidelines and procedures. 

Qualifying Donations


To maintain the CCP&TSF designation with Canada Revenue Agency it is essential that official receipts are issued only for qualifying gifts and that the donated funds are used for qualifying purposes.   A completed Donor Contribution Letter must accompany all donations.


Types of donations that may be received by the National Sport Trust Fund:


A gift is a voluntary transfer of property without valuable consideration. A gift may be processed if all three conditions below are satisfied:

  1. Some property, usually cash, is transferred by a donor to the NSTF; and

  2. The transfer is voluntary; and

  3. The transfer is made without expectation of return.  No benefit of any kind may be provided to the donor or to anyone designated by the donor, except where the benefit is of nominal value.


The National Sport Trust is able to process all of the following types of gifts.

  1. Cash

  2. Securities

  3. Insurance

  4. Annuities

  5. Bequests


It is recommended that any project anticipating receiving a donation in the form of a gift of securities, insurance, or annuities, contact the Fund Manager prior to acceptance for additional details and to ensure appropriate tax consultation has taken place with the potential donor.


Non-qualifying donations:

  • Payment for a basic fee for admission to an event or to a program.

  • Payment for a lottery ticket or other chance to win prizes.

  • Contributions of services.

  • Directed donations: an official receipt may not be issued if the donor has directed the NSTF to give the funds to a specific individual or family.  However, donations are eligible for official receipts with general direction from the donor for gift to be used in a particular program, provided that there is no benefit accrued by the donors.

  • Donations that have directed the NSTF to provide the funds to a nonqualified donee (e.g. Organizations or projects that have not been registered with the NSTF).

  • Sponsorships when there is an exchange of benefits between two parties and or a binding contract.

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