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This is a permanent endowment fund through the Winnipeg Foundation to the benefit of Manitoba Water Polo Association Inc. (“MWPA”) and its membership in perpetuity. The income generated by this fund will be used to support high performance athletes through individual scholarships or team grants as well as general education and Safesport initiatives.


Fund History

Initial funds have been provided as a legacy contribution from Bushido Water Polo at the time of their dissolution and merger to become Vortex Water Polo.

Bushido Water Polo was a long-standing water polo club in Winnipeg. The club was led by passionate people who loved the sport and who provided thousands of volunteer hours on an annual basis to ensure that all Manitobans had access to water polo.

Bushido Water Polo also supported competitive athletes – many of whom were selected for national and international teams. The cost to play water polo at a competitive level is very expensive because of the amount of travel required to play other teams across Canada. The unused money from dormant accounts was used to establish this Legacy Fund.



The MWPA is the governing body for water polo in the province of Manitoba.  Its mission is to build a safe, positive, and progressive sport environment for the growth, development, advancement and visibility of water polo in the province of Manitoba.

Partnerships and MWPA programs help increase participation, engage communities, and develop strong water polo players in Manitoba.


Fund Overview

The Legacy Fund will continue to support the development of high performance players in Manitoba.

Gifts made to the Legacy Fund with the Winnipeg Foundation are pooled and permanently invested. A portion of the income earned will be granted back to the MWPA every year to be used towards:

  • Scholarships – athletes continuing to play high performance water polo at a post secondary level

  • Safesport Initiatives – to ensure all water polo athletes have the opportunity to play in a safe and welcoming atmosphere

  • Hosting grants – to support high performance competition in Manitoba

  • Coaching grants - to support high performance coach recruitment for Provincial Teams and Regional Development Centre/Camps

  • Travel grants – to help support national and international travel for high performance teams

  • Investment – re-investing the income back into the fund

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