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MWPA firmly commits to implementing strategies that provide water polo participants with a wide range of services to help promote and grow the sport of water polo in Manitoba.

We offer the following programming- 

  • athlete development

  • coach development

  • referee development

  • sport development camps

  • aqua fusion camps

  • competition opportunities - Water Polo 4's, Winter League, Invitationals, Provincials

  • funding and grant opportunities

 and much more!

2022-23 MWPA/WPC Memberships

MWPA is accepting memberships for the 2022-23 Water Polo season starting September 1, 2022.

NOTE: If you belong to a MWPA member club please contact your club registrar directly for further details on how to become a member

The registration information below is for:

  • MWPA Board of Directors

  • MWPA Volunteers (not associated with a Club)

  • MWPA Referees (Regional, Provincial, National)

  • MWPA Minor officials (not associated with a Club)

  • Provincial Team Coaches + Athletes

If you have any questions, contact


Benefits of membership include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Access to nationally recognized Water Polo Programs 

  • Insurance coverage 

  • Ability to participate in Sanctioned Events in accordance with the Event Sanctioning Policy 

  • Specialized training and national team programs 

  • Access to sport development framework and resources such as LTAD, athlete development pathways, coach & officials development pathways, etc. 

  • Training and certification programs for coaches and officials 

  • Various membership services including quality control 

  • Ability to access funding programs from WPC or MWPA

  • Access to all membership services and programs provided by MWPA

  • Access to developed Safe Sport resources 

  • Access to WPC’s Independent Third-Party Safe Sport Officer 


Membership Information


Membership Information


Membership Information


Membership Information

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